About Us

TGL Capital Advisors is private financial advisory firm.   At TGL we utilize a discretionary trading plan based on the Novy Principles of Market Flow, which suggests that markets follow classical predictive paths caused by repetitive trading behavior that are always present in the infrastructure of the markets.  Within these predictive paths are what we as short-term intraday traders are in search of: “energy pockets” (momentum), from which we aim to profit.

The Chief Market Strategist for TGL Capital, a former criminal investigator, applies the natural inquisitiveness of an investigator to the financial markets.  At TGL Capital we believe the market leaves “footprints” or clues as to what is the prevailing opinion of its participants. One only has to be open to interpreting the clues based on what is “seen” happening in the markets versus what one wants to happen.  

To aid in our interpretation of these clues we first have to understand the story line in the market, thus we use four (4) tools of context to assist with defining the market story line:

  • classical bar charting patterns,
  • straight line support & resistance
  • accumulation & distribution
  • divergence 

Our primary daily trading focus is intraday trading the E-Mini S&P 500 Index and E-Mini Russell 2000; however, we will on occasion take positions in equities. 

Our approach and timeline to equity trading is slightly different than our index futures trading.  In equity trading, we can hold positions anywhere from 1-30 days.  Our speculative thought process is simple when speculatig in equities: take a macro perspective on an issue and then apply our theory to a micro idea to focus on a particular sector or equity.   Each of our trade selections reflect our overall macro perspective.


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